Thursday, 26 April 2007

Brief update

Decent couple of birds when I passed through the park today, the Grasshopper Warbler showing well, fluffy white throat and all during its song, and speaking of white throats, yes, I thought recognised that chorus, the one that twitters away into nothing, a spirited Lesser Whitethroat (#109 on my carbon list).

Troubling couple of other observations this week too. After I reported the warblers and Whinchats to a couple of sightings websites there were suddenly birders around the place when I'd normally seldom see any at all. Worse, a couple thought nothing of clambering over the fenced off area into our best habitat that we're trying to protect until new bylaws can be passed.
Cannot understand folks who think nothing of trampling on land that clearly isn't meant to be accessed. They don't exactly give birders a very good name, you know?

In the national news, there's a new theory on why urban Robins sing at night. Apparently it's too noisy to bother in the daytime, so they save their efforts for the quiet of after dark.
Maybe it does make more sense that the old streetlights theory. However did we really believe birds couldn't tell the difference between night and day?

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