Saturday, 14 April 2007


Took a late walk to reservoir this week and found a real treat. On the viewing platform between the trees, overlooking the water, just after sunset bats emerge, hundreds of them!
Although the videos are rather on the dark side you can sort of get an idea of what it's like, even so there must have been four or five times more than my dinky little camera capture.
I'm assuming most were Pipistrelle, both on size and the way they didn't hunt especially close to the water surface - like a Daubenton's probably would. High up flew really quite large bats, which often seemed to swoop rather than flutter. These I'm even less sure about on the ID, possibly Noctule since they look so big and kept high. At best, not being much of a bat expert, I'm still guessing.

Video 1 - Kings Mill bats

Video 2 - Kings Mill bats

Video 3 - Kings Mill bats, a big one!

All of this sits next to a very busy dual carriageway, one of the main roads into Mansfield, I couldn't have imagined it.

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