Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Ready Redpoll

Bird of my day has to be (Lesser) Redpoll, clearly a pair and giving great views as they flitted down into a ditch to bathe. I'd cycled to the park to put out some seed, not really planning on spending too much time in the gales and the snow. Delightful sight though, and it gives hope that they might breed this year.
They've been only a winter finch around here lately, so a pair staying on this long might just stay the course. I hope so, Redpoll is one species tumbling in numbers at the moment. They are one of my favourite species too, so stout and smart, looking charmingly officious to me, like a 1950's postman or something.

Heron was nice too, plus its shimmering reflection on the small water.
I thought twice about attempting to photograph any of these birds, I wouldn't want to discourage either by getting too close at this time of the year.

Yellowhammer seemed to have paired off too, indeed only the House Sparrow are staying together in a still sizeable and quite vocal flock.

No Little Owl today, they clearly no better than to perch out in this weather.

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