Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Lend your name

No pictures or stories, instead a couple of petitions for you good people who've found my bird blog today.

First, the RSPB's Safeguard our sea life campaign;

"The seas around the UK's coasts are increasingly overfished, over-trafficked and over-developed, but crucially under-protected. Our precious seas are dying from neglect. Your support today will help safeguard our sea life."

Follow this link to find out how to sign the pledge to Gordon Brown.

And a Spanish based campaign affliated with Birdlife International against plans by the Catalan government to legalise hunting birds with glue;

"This cruel method is specifically banned by the European laws because is also massive, non-selective and impossible to control properly.

In the name of "tradition" the hunters use electronic appeals and hundreds of thousands of thrush migrating from northern Europe, and about 30% of protected birds, are attracted to glued trees, in closed “barracas”, and killed in the Ebro area between October and November.

In the same law-project the Catalan government is also trying to legalize a kind of net-trap hunting called "filat", which consist in trapping the thirsty birds attracted by small water pools, also forbidden in Spain, non-selective and impossible to control.

The protection of the nature performs all over new attitudes, but our government “of progress and ecologist” is of looking to a past of survival hunting that destroys protected species.

Please sign up in the campaign against this legalization and send this mail to interested people.

Our birds are your birds."

For that one, follow this link.

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