Thursday, 6 September 2007

A Regal Reservoir

You can tell the summer is waning when Kingfisher return to the waters of my local reservoir. It has been my experience that they are a regular sight there from late summer until the early Spring, evidently retreating back up (or down) river to nest in quieter banks at that time of year.
Okay, so the video is hardly David Attenborough, nice clear recording of the call though.

In other bird news, I noted a House Martin nest still in occupancy during a walk into town today. This is late, though hardly unheard-of for a species that often only nests successfully once in its lifetime (much as we'd like to imagine the same birds return to the same nests year after year - they don't). It is perhaps because of that that these hirundine will have two or even three broods during a summer, hence the tardy would-be fledglings still up there - probably not the first effort of the year.

Oh and one tip. I hate to be a pedant about this, but to the birder I saw, who was attempting to lurk in the overgrowth whilst wearing the brightest richest most vermillion red t-shirt I ever did see, there are better choices of attire for birdwatching!
I mean comrade, I'd like to think there is a time and place, that said, for your red shirt it really beats me when and where!

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