Monday, 23 July 2007

More London Birds...

A thumbnail post, click on the pictures for a closer look...

A Jay in St James' Park, less shy than those at home, this fella was hawking for flying insects from a perch above a crowded path and the muttering of many different languages.

Red-crested Pochard, a semi-exotic, an escaped population of these sustains itself in parts of England. I saw my last 'wild' one in Cambridgeshire.

Barnacle Goose, there were also Nene, Snow, Bar-headed and Red-breasted geese to be found.

Tufted Duck.

Wood Duck.

In Regent's Park, some tame and fabulously graceful Whooper Swan.

And famously, the St James' Park pelicans.

So okay, few of these may deserve a place on any serious birding list, they still made a pleasant post-Tour de France afternoon in the park. Merci London!

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