Monday, 9 February 2009

A most elegant Snowman?

Worst bird video ever? You decide.

What you can see there is a Great White Egret, the ridiculous big yellow bill is the key feature from this view. It's been hanging around some small fishing lakes a bit SW of Derby for the last week or so, which continues the tour of the Midlands this bird has been on for months now, all of this a fair way off from the East Europe it really belongs in.
Haven't my life list to hand, the GWE takes me up to #214 or something like that.

Rubbish view, cold day, stood at the roadside, great bird, and it's all worthwhile.

Oh, as I type there's a 1st-year male Reed Bunting feeding in the snow on my patio, three weeks in and that's #27 for the garden list.

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