Saturday, 5 July 2008

Pinks and Buffs

Just a video of the Bullfinches and Tree Sparrows at a feeding station at Carsington. Sometimes I forget that some parts of the country just never see them in the numbers we have up there.

In other news, I have to mentioned Barn Owls. First bird of impeccable timing that wafted by while a ranger was telling us volunteers how they maintain the hay meadows at Carsington. Take from me, heck take it from the owl, Severn Trent Water do a great job up there. Looks like the owls are breeding in the vicinity.
As are my local pair at King's Mill, still dependably dodging the trains and returning with prey. Would it be too much to lodge an order of hree more fledglings from them?

Keep on the sunny side folks.

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