Thursday, 14 June 2007

River Trent Martins

Took a trip down to the river at the weekend to watch the hirundine colonies. There's a rather grand house above the bank that's crammed with House Martin nest cups, and it's a real treat to be able to stand on the pavement and watch the busy work of feeding chicks at close quarters.
Very cool that the owners don't mind the mess, I've known people to mindlessly knock down the mudcups as soon as they're built.

Meanwhile on the sand cliffs of the riverbank hundreds of Sand Martins excavated homes in a colony that's older than I am. In parts you stand at the water's edge little more than 10 yards away from the activity. The adults will watch you as they fly in, but seem so utterly confident in their aerial ability and the inaccessibility of their nests they'll just breeze by, seeming to look back at you with curiosity rather than alarm. Very nonchalant stuff.

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