Sunday, 28 January 2007

Big Garden Birdwatch: My Results

We scored a pretty usual spread for our garden during our hour, although a surge in Blackbirds seems to have coincided with the berries on our pyracantha coming into maturity. Quite a relief really, as we rarely saw even one during the summer (around the same time the new neighbours next door brought their cat into our little ecosystem).
A Sparrowhawk circled over at one point and everything panicked. We sat for half an hour before any birds returned. If we do have a star bird, it's probably our pair of Stock Dove, although only the one showed up for our count.

Our results read:

6 Blackbird
5 Collard Dove
1 Feral Pigeon
1 Stock Dove
2 Blue Tit
10 House Sparrow
1 Dunnock

We'd surely have more if it weren't for the fact that our suburb is only 25 years old, so there are very few mature trees around.

(Big Garden Birdwatch)

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